TCB Records - The Montreaux Jazz Label, Switzerland.  The label to which I am currently signed and has released my second Modern Surfaces' recording - Transparent Horizons.

Buzz Records - The Netherlands based label which my first Modern Surfaces' recording was released under.

Mike Murley - One of the premiere saxophonists in Canada.  An icon in our jazz community.

Mahogany Web Services - Website Design exclusively for musicians.  Musicians helping musicians.

Jazzlinks - This web site has just about every imaginable jazz artist' web page.

Bird Lives - Where "status quo" runs amok

Andy Milne - Former piano player to Steve Coleman and old friend.

The Brownman - Aka. Nick Ali - multi-award winning trumpet player, my website designer and good friend... gives me all my best girl advice.

Graham Kirkland - Toronto based insane drummer... also good friend. - useful information about the city in which I am based.


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